Joe Love was my cousin who died of pancreatic cancer at 30 years old. He had a love for lobster and people. Always with a kind heart and gentle soul, he always had a smile on his face. To Joe Love and all he stood for!!! His memory lives on.

Joe Loves Lobster Rolls has been known around the world for its lobster rolls since 2013. Starting in Savannah and expanding to Hilton Head as the first food truck to hit the streets, we quickly developed an outstanding reputation by building relationships and serving authentic Maine Lobster Rolls.
Since then we have expanded into NC and now we are in Inverness FL. We have rebranded to expand the menu as “Joe Loves Good Times” We now serve Wood Fired Pizza, Wild Game Burgers and Sausage, Eggs and Lobster.
We are a fast casual restaurant that prides itself on being:
You will be delighted with our portions and prices. Most of all our commitment to authentic customer service.