Joe Loves Eating
For Your Blood Type
A little about...
Joe Loves EFYBT. Hi there, my name is Tony, Tony the Tiger.
I am the founder of 12 restaurants in the last 28 years. Pizzareas, Upscale Restaurants, Italian Markets & Joe Loves Lobster Rolls. (Joe was my cousin and Godchild who died of pancreatic disease in 2007. He was only 30. I named the company in his honor)
I have spent 44 years in the food industry.

I also have an extensive backround in Health and Wellness. Serving many years in GNC and operating my own personal gym In SC. I have several certifications that qualify me to serve you in your best interest.
My passion is in two things. Helping others feel there best mentally and physically through food and exercise. And helping you develop a healthy lifestyle through exploring multiple modalities that conclude a positive outcome.


I am now combining both all of my experience and cooking and baking for your blood type. BFYBT is a proven method of eating the right foods for your blood type. It has turned peoples lives around by solving many health issues, including weight loss.