Greetings my friends. A little about
TONY'S Comfort Cottage Concoctions. Who is Tony? Well I am the founder of 12 restaurants in the last 27 years. Pizzareas, upscale restaurants, Italian market, and
Joe Loves Lobster Rolls.
I have spent 44 years in the industry. I also engage in consulting at www.kickyourasscoach.com. Settling here in Pensacola has been a long time coming. Having had a Joe Loves on 30A in 2015 I fell in love with the upper Gulf Coast. I will again have a small and quaint cafe here on the Gulf Coast. Until I find the perfect spot, I am sharing some of my recipes with you from my cottage to yours. I am happy to customize my offerings to your taste of course but bare in mind "Cottage Laws" prohibit certain ingredients and methods. I will uphold these limitations and will adhear to the law regarding this.

I assure you that I am always very minful of my surroundings in my kitchen as I always have been in my restaurant kitchens. I never had less then an A+ health inspection and always serve safe certified.

The treats I bring you are personally made in small batches for you. They are made only hours before delivery so you can enjoy them fresh for a couple days and then freeze what you do not use for later.