Where the Hell is the Restaurant !!

Hey there folks. Just wanted to remind you that reopening is just around the corner. Quite a few changes will take place so be prepared. The cost of Lobster continues to rise (over 100% at this time over last year) so we will be introducing some new dishes with Lobster and different seafoods. Also a few dishes you may not expect on the menu. We will limit the daily dishes and update them often. This will help us reduce our inventory and hopefully start realizing a profit once again. The idea is to stay in business while continuing to bring you delicious and unique flavors. Yes, Lobster rolls will still be on the menu. But they will be at market price going forward. However if the price is too much for some to bare we hope you will give some of our new dishes (that are less expensive) a chance. Again, the goal is to stay in business. And as always we appreciate your patience and support. 

Hope you are all doing well and anxious to get back in our little corner of the world in BSL. See you soon folks!!


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3148 George II Hwy Boiling Spring Lakes NC

From Wilmington head South on Hwy 17 and take Hwy 87 (George II Hwy) to Boiling Spring Lakes Go through the light and don't blink but look to your right past the ABC store.
From Southport take Hwy 87 to BSL (we on the other end of Pepperoni Grill)
From St. James or Oak Island take Hwy 133 to 87 make a left and proceed to the route
From Porters Neck, Ogden, Hampstead or above take Hwy 17 South to the 1-40 Bypass. Take it to the end on 17 South towards Myrtle Beach. Make a left on Hwy 87 and take it to BSL. Go through the light and don't blink but look to your right past the ABC store
From Calabash take 17 to 906. Turn right to Old Ocean Hwy. Make a left to Danford. Make a right. Take to George II Hwy. Make a right.
In about 4 miles you will pass the BSL light and we are on the right. Look for the Joe Loves Trailer